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Applied Therapeutics: The Clinical Use of Drugs – Review by Kenneth Ellman

It is like having a pharmacy consult sitting next to you

This book now slightly outdated, has two very valuable features. First it is very thorough. Practically every drug and its therapeutic application is discussed. Second the discussion is not just a factual presentation in the PDR sense but an attempted detailed clinical evaluation. Specific patient scenerio’s are portrayed with various choices, considerations and outcomes. The patient Rx question is reviewed as if the particular patient is before you and you are on the phone with the pharmacy consult. I find it very useful to gain a picture of a careful, slow and detailed evaluation of proper patient Rx practices. This is not written as a quick reference guide, it is a course in itself on clinical Rx methods and approaches. It is a wonderful book to add to your library. I have no doubt that it’s approach will provide better patient care. What it needs is an on-line update feature.
Kenneth Ellman