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Black Humor Page, Jews Have Taken Over The World by Kenneth Ellman, August 18 2017

The Below Quotation from The Jewish Wars, 2017 by Kenneth Ellman, Copyright 2017, Kenneth Ellman, All Rights Reserved

I am too busy right now with Nazi, Muslim and Schwartze emergency!!
The American Nazi [sic] on the right says the Jews have taken over the world and they Jews, must be destroyed. The Schwartze on the left says the Jews have become Nazi’s and must be destroyed. The Muslim says Abraham is not the father of the Jews but of the Muslims even though Islam did not exist until the 7th Century, and so the Jews have NO land and must be pushed into the Sea. All are attacking us Jews. We sent a message to President Trump asking for aid. He replied that by giving his beautiful daughter Ivanka in marriage to our Jewish Kushner clan, he had done enough and has no more daughters to give. So we Jews are alone in the world again, again fighting for our lives. Our Rabbi have reached to heaven with special Jewish power and brought back Julius Robert Oppenheimer (the Oppie), Lise Meiter, Ede Teller and Albert Einstein to find a Defense. May we have a Golem too, G-D willing. Pray for us. Pray for the Yidden.

The above is the response of Kenneth Ellman when interrupted from his work.

Kenneth Ellman Black Humor
Black humor, writing that juxtaposes morbid or ghastly elements with comical ones that underscore the senselessness or futility of life. Black humor often uses farce and low comedy to make clear that individuals are helpless victims of fate and character.
A form of humor that regards human suffering as absurd rather than pitiable, or that considers human existence as ironic and pointless but somehow comic.