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On TRUMP, North Korea, China, Russia, Survival and TIME. Kenneth Ellman Responds.

On TRUMP, North Korea, China, Russia, Survival and TIME
Kenneth Ellman Responds. July 5, 2017
Kenneth Ellman, Box 18, Newton, New Jersey 07860
Copyright 2017, by Kenneth Ellman, All Rights Reserved.

I do not pretend to be a military or diplomatic expert, if such a thing exists. Nor am I an “expert” on North Korea. Simply though I am an expert on wanting to live. I have always believed it is better to live than die. This belief that it is better to live than die is the biologic choice our world gives us. It is one or the other. So I like many of us read and listen to the actions of North Korea to have Nuclear Weapons to kill us and wonder why we are allowing this. I do not pretend to understand.

To that extent, the extent of wanting to live and have my children and grandchildren live, I have also believed that while life may appear to some to not be worth living at a particular moment you must never forget you live in world of TIME where what you experience while alive is just that, a moment to moment, nothing more. There is also the expression of “and this to shall pass away”. Those who wish they were dead at one moment due to a present misery or terror, may if they leave the door open to the future and TIME, have an opportunity at a future TIME, to feel and know the joy of life and the safety and beauty of living to the end. So I believe that life is worth fighting for, even though you cannot escape the fighting.

Time simply means that everything is always changing and never stays the same. We measure this change by being more and more capable of measuring and expressing TIME itself. In the various expressions of Physics TIME is what allows us to understand the world we live in. Take TIME out of the equation and there is no equation.

By staying alive, under the worst possible conditions or pressures or terrors you leave yourself the opportunity of participation in that wonderful physical reality of TIME. Where you are facing death today does not mean you cannot flourish in the future. Keeping in mind that this means someone or something else must die so we can live. In a study of Biology, Physics, Medicine and Human Comprehension we come back to the reality that life in our world has an aspect that is a continuous conflict and or killing activity. From our Immune System to our Food Supply to our Self Defense, this competition with other life and men remains. It is our values, ideas and choices in human history that over TIME define us and this competition and killing to survive is always present, a constant. Sometimes we do not fully accept or understand this aspect of reality. We may not understand what this has to do with our love of our newborn child forgetting that our child and ourselves only survive because of our biological ability to kill.
Strange idea you say, perhaps to you. But is it true? And the answer must be Yes, it is true.

This will to survive with the tools of survival we have been given from our immune system, to our guns, to our solutions to the problems of life is what our political and community life is vested in. We try to protect ourselves from those who would hurt us and our family. Those who would rape and abuse and kill.
A nation and a people can only survive as long as it is willing to kill and die in its self defense. It must value itself above those who oppose it and it must want to live. It must also have the ability to perceive threats and act upon them before it is destroyed. I know of no way to escape this reality of daily life, whether it is a disease/infection marching through our nation and eating our people, a rapist or sexual abuser looking for victims or another group of men who reveal to us their desire to have ability to use nuclear weapons to incinerate our life. Whether we and our children live is based upon our recognition of this continuous environmental confrontation. If Heaven has any meaning then perhaps it means escaping from this reality, but I say that to remind that our world is most definitely not heaven on earth at this TIME.

SO what does this have to do with North Korea or Iran or others who would destroy us with Nuclear Fire? YOU answer that question?!

North Korea is regularly in the News with announcements of its progress in test launching of Nuclear Missile Delivery Systems to reach the United States. It appears they can already kill the Japanese and South Korean people. I was reminded of comments I had posted years ago that the Nuclear Infrastructure of North Korea and Iran must be destroyed. Totally and completely destroyed by Military Force. Destroyed BEFORE North Korea and Iran had the ability to delivery Nuclear Weapons. Yes, I prefaced in those comments that “Diplomacy” should be used to allow those nations to voluntarily destroy their Nuclear Reactors and Nuclear Infrastructure. But I had little doubt they could care less about the “Diplomatic Efforts” to make an agreement for such elimination of Nuclear War Potential. North Korea and Iran care little but to obtain weapons to terrorize and under certain circumstance actually use such so as to cower what they perceive to be their “enemies”. We are their enemies, in the mind of these people. However what those countries think or want really does not matter. What matters is the ability of our nation, our families and those we care about to simply go to sleep and yet wake up to a world that has not been destroyed. We have a right and obligation to kill to keep that.

It would have be easier five years ago to destroy totally and completely the nuclear ability of North Korea and Iran. But it is not now, five years ago, it is today, now and we may pay a price of Terror and Misery for not acting five years ago.

So let us think about this. It appears we have certainly asked many, many times that our “allies” China and Russia stop North Korea from developing ability to kill our children. I have little doubt that if China and Russia wished to do so, they could do much, very much. Yet they have Not. What has happened is that TIME has changed reality and now North Korea is developing the ability to deliver Nuclear Weapons to destroy our children and grandchildren. And we have done NOTHING.

I am a great believer in taking persons such as North Korean leaders at their word, act and deed. I would not delve too deeply into so called and pretended hidden meanings. It does not matter at all. What matters is that Now, North Korea has the ability to kill large numbers of us, of our military, or our friends (South Korea and Japan) and of children.

We know who is running North Korea and we know how the North Korean people are treated by their government. We know what the men who run the North Korean government are. There is no question.

I would not take the risk in return for nothing to give North Korea more TIME. It is not worth our lives to give North Korea any more TIME. TIME in this case is death. We must notify China and Russia and the United Nations that we are going to totally and completely destroy the Nuclear Capacity of North Korea and abandon what is left of that place. North Korea may become a wasteland, better them than us. We must make it clear that we have no designs or desire for North Korea. If China and Russia and South Korea wish to rebuild North Korea or they have a use for it, let them go ahead. But we have no use for it except that it should not any longer exist in its current form. There may be various military and diplomatic solutions, particularly if the cooperation of China and Russia was obtained. That is for our Government and Military and Diplomatic authorities to determine. But any solution other than the complete and total destruction of the Nuclear Capacity of North Korea is unacceptable. Better that North Korea be destroyed than us. We did not create that madness of North Korean leadership but we allowed it to exist. So did China and Russia. Now it has come home. Many opportunities to kill the Dictators of North Korea were present and not used. Now we must not allow such to come to us in any shape, manner or form.

Simply stated to those of us ignorant of Military and Diplomatic methods we believe that we should not live with this abomination any longer.
Our death by Nuclear Fire is Not worth whatever imaginary solutions are dreamed of. Our choice is that of destroying those that are building the ability to kill us and our children. Our Military is charged with having the ability to utterly and completely destroy North Korean Nuclear Capacity. We must allow our Military to do it before the price is our death. We must not become the next Hiroshima or Nagasaki, let such be the inheritance of North Korea, a gift from its leaders to its people.
Kenneth Ellman, Box 18, Newton, New Jersey 07860 .

On TRUMP, North Korea, China, Russia, Survival and TIME
Kenneth Ellman Responds. July 5, 2017
Copyright 2017, by Kenneth Ellman, All Rights Reserved.