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JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words – Review by Kenneth Ellman

A wonderful aid to Jewish Knowledge and Yiddishkeit

This book is a wonderful aid to Jewish Knowledege and Yiddishkeit.
Judaism encompases tremendous learning opportunities and tens of thousands of pages of Talmud, Chumash and many other sources.
Yet this little one volume dictionary allows those who are lacking in fundamental education to learn basic expressions and words of a cultural and or Yeshiva enviornments.
It is an introductory pocket dictionary to the Jewish world.
I have used it all the time when I need clarification or just forget and want to confirm.
This book should be on the shelf of every Jew. So many of us have not had the opportunity to learn and make part of us our Jewish heritage and strength. This little introductory dictionary along with the many Chabad and Artscroll publications is another step to learning and remembering.
You will use it and you will enjoy it and it will help you.
kenneth ellman