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Bader Qarmout For Senate, Illegal Tax Stamps Tobacco Kenneth Ellman Opinion

March 25, 2012 From Kenneth Ellman, Article Summary, Article appears below in separate box.

I have watched the campaign of Bader Qarmout for New Jersey Senate with interest.

My interest stems from my personal acquaintance with him and his family and the extraordinary positions he has taken in this campaign. So perhaps from a “legal” perspective I shall offer my personal opinion of this candidacy.

Issues addressed are:

1. Hatred of Israel, Support for Hamas.

2. Selling Counterfeit Tobacco, United States District Court for the District of New Jersey under Docket#03-CV-2266. It should be clear from the article that I was successful in this tobacco litigation and the Court dismissed the Complaint. However the facts of what occurred remain, even though I protected the interests in this matter.

3. Taking Money From Tenants and Pretending They Did Not Pay, Superior Court, Landlord Tenant Part, Sussex County and Appellate Division.

4. Q and S Convenience Store owner Anwar Qarmout convicted of Drug Offense as reported in NJ Herald, August 3, 1989.

My article dated March 25, 2012 appears below.

This article is my Opinion only. The cases and facts speak for themselves.

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