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Protection Systems are available to provide Emergency Protection, Evaluations and Lock/Alarm Opening Response and other Services.

Advance Contract Services, including Emergency requirements are the normal method of purchasing from us.  Will Call Emergency Services may also be available depending upon circumstances.

Service Terms

1. Services will be provided on an Open Account Basis to customers with Open Account Contracts to the extent of the Contract terms. Such terms can include quick response times on a 7 Day 24 Hour Basis for any particular geographical area. Contracts are negotiated on an individual basis.

2. Will Call Customers are those Customers without an Open Account Contract. Will Call Customers will be cared for by direct pay at the time of service and a deposit is required before service response. Service for Will Call Customers is provided on an as available basis.

3. Services are provided 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.

4. For Open Account Contract Customers there is no geographical limitation for service.

Service will be provided anywhere per the contract terms.

5. For Customers on Will Call who do not have a Contract then services will be provided at the time of the request to the extent such services are available.

6. Weather conditions or other adverse circumstances will not normally prevent service from being provided. Emergency Services will be attempted regardless of local conditions or difficulties.

Overview of Services

7. Services generally fall into three categories:

a. Opening of a location, safe, cabinet, vehicle or other attempt to obtain access where access had been denied for whatever reason including but not limited to lock or equipment failure, lost or misplaced keys, codes or passwords. This can be at any location, public or private.

b. Installation of Protection Devices such as high security locks, safes, doors, walls and alarm or fire systems.

c. Evaluation of already installed/existing locks, safes, security devices, alarms and other Protection Devices. This evaluation can be for internal or investigative use or for Judicial purposes or other needs.


Opening Services

8. Locking Devices, Safe, Vault and Cabinet Opening, including Deactivation /Compromise of Alarm Systems. This service will provide the opening of any and all secure devices, doors, safes, and facilities including any and all automobiles.

To the extent possible such opening will be non-destructive. This will involve the opening of the safe, vault, door, cabinet or other device in a manner that will not leave any obvious indication of compromise or damage.

Destructive Opening is available if desired.

The above Opening Services are provided to any authorized party having legal control over the property or motor vehicle, whether commercial or residential. Repair and Installation of any security, alarm or locking devices can also be provided to the extent requested and the specifications contracted for.

Court Order or Special Authority Entry

9. Entry into Locked and Secured Areas pursuant to Court Order or other Special Legal Authority, in Criminal or Civil Cases, can be provided in any jurisdiction. Such entry can be surreptitious/concealed when authorized. It may be possible to obtain entry without any obvious indications of compromise. This of course depends on the time available and type of equipment. We provide assistance in obtaining such Court Orders or legal authority in cases where such is applicable.

Testing and Evaluation of Already Protected Locations

10. Security Testing and Evaluation of installed locking devices, safes, secured cabinets and alarm systems will allow for carefully documented attempts to compromise the protection at that location or motor vehicle and a video/written report provided with recommendations to correct any deficiency. Destructive Entry can be performed and carefully timed and evaluated.

Automobile Services

11. Automobile Opening is normally done with no observable damage to the vehicle. Automobile Opening is both a Commercial and Consumer/Individual Service available whenever access to the vehicle is denied for whatever reason.

In cases where the keys and access control device is lost, then new keys and access devices can be provided at the response location.

Automobile Opening is normally done pursuant to standing Contract but may also be provided on a Will  Call basis.

Design and Specification Services

12. We are available to consult with you and your staff including your Engineers and Architects to determine the necessary specifications for your project.


It is to your advantage as a Customer to plan for your exigent needs and requirements as far in advance as possible. We can better serve you when you discuss in advance of any emergency what you wish to obtain and what your goals are.

We are at your service.


Phone: 9738968284

All Mail: P.O. Box 18, Newton, New Jersey 07860