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State of New Jersey, Kenneth Ellman, Forestry Stewardship Project

The State of New Jersey Forestry Stewardship Program is significant in that it encourages preservation and use of wild Forestry areas through educational activities, Forestry Inspection Officers/State Forester, and financial aid for continuation of wild Forestry land. The conflict between necessary economic development/expansion and the simultaneous human and societal need for wild Forests to use, environmentally protect, and learn and profit from can be balanced with programs such as that created by the State of New Jersey. This benefits the entire population.

Special Educational Programs are being developed for us to allow groups of students to create experiments to learn from the Forestry environment and how best to have both the increasing human population and the natural Forest environment exist side by side. Enjoyment of and education of Forest biology is our goal.

Below is the Certificate issued for our participation in the New Jersey Forestry Stewardship program and our small Forest land is dedicated to that purpose. We can arrange visits, trips and educational programs for our State of New Jersey Forestry Project #A-536.
Description of our future programs will be posted on this website.
Special tours can be arranged where our State Certified Forester can provide presentations of Forestry activity, plans and Forest Life.

We will be posting the detailed Forestry Stewardship project documentation and goals for your review. Feel free to submit and contribute any of your ideas for Educational and Forest Improvement Programs.

One of our favorite books, Handbook of Nature Study, by Anna Botsford Comstock is reviewed here under Book Reviews and at Amazon.
You can find it here at:

Keep the Forests and Nature close to you.
We accept contributions to help keep and maintain the Forest.
Thank you for your interest and support.
Kenneth Ellman
State of New Jersey Forest #A-536

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