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Kenneth Ellman Reviews The NYPD Tapes by Rayman and Schoolcraft. It is all true., January 13, 2014

Kenneth Ellman Reviews The NYPD Tapes by Rayman and Schoolcraft
January 13, 2014,, Box 18, Newton, N J 07860

There seems to be a consistency in human behavior where an eternal conflict exists between those who seek exposure of errors, violations and crimes with those who seek to conceal such. It is not just that wrongdoers or criminals seek concealment, but that those in positions of overall authority, from Mayors to Commissioners or other senior executives who should encourage such revelations, instead seek to prevent exposure of institutional failings.

So here in this book we have the factual telling of what happened to New York City Police Officer Adrian Schoolcraft who was and is attacked, illegally imprisoned and targeted by our “government” for revealing that the Police Department concealed crimes and by such concealment protected criminals and injured the cause of Justice. There are two aspects to what the City of New York did to its own people.

First the NYC Government attacked a courageous New York City Police Officer, Adrian Schoolcraft, who recorded and documented the deliberate concealment of crime in New York City and when he exposed this extraordinary corruption those men sworn to protect us, attacked him. He was actually kidnaped from his home where senior executives of the NYCPD authorized the break in of his house and his transportation to Jamaica Hospital in Queens County, NYC where he was illegally detained for days. That is why I always say reality is stranger than fiction.

This kidnaping was merely one aspect of continual illegal acts to prevent his disclosure of concealment of crime reports and various criminal acts in New York City. Keep in mind that this only recently occurred and is not some recounting from the days of “Serpico”. This case of Adrian Schoolcraft is currently going on.

Second, separately from the attack upon Police Officer Adrian Schoolcraft is that fact that what he exposed was the concealment of crime reports and criminal activity by the New York City Police Department. While it may be difficult to understand and accept what occurred it can be stated that when a crime report was made by the victim, the NYCPD would destroy or alter the record of the Crime Report so that it would not be investigated. Think about this for a moment and tell me if again my belief that reality is more fantastic than fiction is not true? What is of great importance is this was being done upon high authority in the Police Department, by those responsible for the management of law enforcement in New York.

Now take this a step further. When what occurred was exposed the United States Attorney, The New York State Attorney General, the Governor of the State of New York, The Mayor of the City of New York and etc., all did nothing. Nothing at all. We have Adrian Schoolcraft, alone as an individual, battling with privately hired attorneys seeking to protect himself and the public. His difficulty in obtaining competent and honest Legal Counsel is also described in the book but from my experience is tragically normal and expected.

So buy this book, buy it now. Do the research to confirm what it records. The public records and news reports are available and believe every word of it, as it is true. Then write your “government” and demand an explanation. This is just one very small but significant chapter in the ongoing historical battle between those who seek to expose failures in our government, to safeguard us all and those who seek to conceal such failure and endanger us all. Thank you, thank you, Adrian Schoolcraft for what you have done. I am interested in this subject and anyone with further information should feel free to contact me. Kenneth Ellman,, Box 18, Newton, New Jersey 07860