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Youmans Neurological Surgery (Four Volume Set) – Review by Kenneth Ellman

The best General Neurosurgery work in all respects

This multi-volume work combines the best detailed commentary, survey and education on Neurosurgery that I have found. By the very nature of the subject it must and does include much of Neurology and Neuroanatomy. It has an extraordinary breadth and scope. It is certainly the best starting point for Neurosurgery information/answers and in some respects you may need to look no further. While this series does discuss in substantial detail Neuroimaging I would suggest combining it with the Orrison Two Volume Neuroimaging set. Together they provide a tremendous wealth of information to aid in diagnosis, testing, and treatment. These publications “Youmans” and the “Orrison” books are so well known in the field that this “review” is only useful for those who might be unfamiliar with NeuroSurgery and NeuroImaging. Their authority is unquestioned and accepted by all practitioners. The education these books provide in both fundamental concepts and advanced procedures and interpretation is vast. However the Youmans set alone gives significant exposure to Neuroimaging and Neurotesting. You actually have to use the books to appreciate the assets they provide. Over time you will realize that they address virturally every question that may arise or with the voluminous references show you where to go. This publication is the result of a vast effort by many practitioners and so reflects a combined expertise greater than most other publications. The cost of the publications is difficult but the return is well worth it. I have not found any Neurosurgery problems left untouched by Youmans and together with Orrison they are a powerful weapon. If our hospitals and facilities could only implement all this knowledge much suffering could be eliminated or reduced. Unfortunately my experience has been that the total knowledge represented by these books is way ahead of the medical care provided to many patients. Certainly every Neurosurgeon should own these books and every person needing such references could do no better.
Kenneth Ellman