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Lyme Disease and the Nervous System – Review by Kenneth Ellman

One of the best books on this subject ever written

Unfortunately this book was published in 1991, which makes certain aspects of the text dated. I have not found any revision. Some of the more recent serology and other testing was not known at that time. As an example MRI has been significantly improved since 1991.
In spite of it’s 1991 publication date this is a carefully composed and well documented monograph of the Neurologic Implications of this terrible disease. The author is a well respected Neurologist. Excellent References for each chapter.
At the time it was written the controversry surrounding Lyme Disease was not so combative and political as it is today.
Keeping that in mind this book is a wonderful resource for any physician treating Lyme patients.
The discussion includes Pathogenesis, Pathology, Clinical Features
and an excellent documentation of the unquestioned fact of Neurological Lyme Disease (Neuroborreliosis). There are treatment recommendations that are still useful today and a sample of helpful color plates. There is a valuable discussion of Seronegative Lyme Disease and of Magnetic Resonance Images. Keep in mind that this book is only 130 pages. But not a word is wasted and it is unfortunate that a revision and expanded edition has not been published. Anyone treating these patients should have this book in addition to other appropriate texts. I have an interest in this subject and readers with similar concerns are invited to share information with me.
Kenneth Ellman