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Explosives and Bomb Disposal Guide – Review by Kenneth Ellman

One of the Best Books on this Subject

I wrote a review on this already but decided I would supplement further. This book was used in many classes on Bomb Disposal Training and is written in a manner that lends itself to a clear and quick understanding of the subject. While it is certainly dated (1965), and things have greatly advanced, the weapons and methods described are still applicable today. Anyone who needs to become proficient in this subject already knows that such books are just one of the tools to development of ability. Like any other skill it requires repetitive training under watchful and experienced eyes. This classic should be read by anyone who must confront this terror. You cannot learn too much and this voice from the past is invaluable. In conjunction with other useful texts such as Explosives and Homemade Bombs by Stoffel, Explosives Engineering by Cooper and Bombs and Bombing by Brodie this book has a valuable place. The training classes will of course have their own particular materials.
Review continues:
One of the best. A legend in its own time., July 17, 1999
Reviewer: Kenneth Ellman
This book is outdated in certain aspects of modern technology. Methods to detonate, examine, etc. infernal devices and the use of robots have advanced from when this was written. However it was one of the very best books of it’s day and is still an extremely valuable text and training manual. For any officer who may find himself on the scene of an incident it is a must book. Many in the field were dismayed when it was published for public access. But it is out there and their is nothing we can do about it. So at least learn everything it has to offer. Written by the masters who knew from vast experience what is going on.
The author has been dead some time, but not forgotten.
Kenneth Ellman