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Locks, Safes and Security: An International Police Reference Two Volumes – Review by Kenneth Ellman

Incomparable. A work entitled to great respect.

This author wrote a book on this subject on or about 1971 and I was somewhat disappointed in that edition at that time. This book is another world. You would not think this was the same writer. It may have taken thirty years or so but it was well worth the wait. I do not think there is another book available on this subject that can even begin to compare with this creation.
Rarely will you have the opportunity to read such a definitive work on any subject. Clearly this author has made this his life’s work. Those who have need of a definitive, all encompassing, and detailed treatise on a subject that effects all aspects of public safety will need and want this book. You can do no better. The coverage is extraordinary and includes: An historical view and understanding going back thousands of years; Detailed and technical discussion of the evolution of protective devices and the methods used to overcome them; Current and timely information on devices now available with an in depth explanation of their differences, effectiveness, and workability; Forensic examination; Standards and Testing; and more, more, more.
This book goes way beyond the basic needs of a Locksmith or Technician into the realm of Academic Instruction into all aspects of physical device security. For the Locksmith, Detective or other Safety Professional weeks of pleasurable reading and education await you in this tomb. When you climb out let me know. The only errors I have found so far have been typographical so this work appears to be fully authorative. Any attorney engaged in litigation in this subject area must have this book. The knowledge contained herein can prevent embarrassment for any government official with responsibility for physical device security. This book can aid in job security for various occupations. It will save countless hours of research into difficult to obtain references. There is also available a CD Rom with additional information.
My hat is off to this author. Normally a book like this is a collaboration of many people. I can see how it took 30 years to do it alone…
Kenneth Ellman