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Unfit For Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry – Review by Kenneth Ellman

Rather Extraordinary Situation

This book in not great prose. It is not great scientific research. It is not quality investigative reporting. It is not many things that we could pretend it should be.
WHAT it is may be simply described as an extraordinary writing by Americans who honorably served in combat in Vietnam. It is an account by these men who choose to serve rather than run to Canada or escape in some other way.
Whatever we may have thought of the war there is no question that our elected legislators in Congress authorized this war. There is no question that many Americans honorably and with extraordinary dedication gave up so much for a simple democratic principle: that principle is that when our elected government decides on a course of action that is a decision binding upon all Americans until our elected representatives decide otherwise. We can lobby and protest to change the law but until it is changed it is the law. And the Vietnam War was lawful in all respects. SO what is all the noise about?? It is about this extraordinary one of a kind book by these courageous and dedicated men which simply exposes the ridiculous and disgraceful behavior of candidate Kerry. It is clear that the details portrayed in this book are entitled to great respect. I have read nothing that disproves the assertions of the combat veterans in this book. IF the statements of the veterans are true and they certainly appear to be accurate, then why would anyone support a man like Kerry. IF the statements in this book are accurate then there is no question that Kerry has committed two unforgivable acts:
1. The obtaining of medals by filing false and misleading reports about his combat activities; and
2. The giving of false testimony to Congress and in other public forums such as the Winter Soldier charade which added to propaganda against America. The idea that a Presidential Candidate such as Kerry was associated with a fraud such as the Winter Soldier Investigation and that his testimony to Congress was knowingly false is enough to give pause. He was young then as many of us were but he does not seem to repudiate his conduct from those past years and this is what makes a bad situation worse. If he admitted his youthful stupidity then perhaps many of us would understand, but he did not.

In any case it is clear that the factual statements in the book appear to be true and IF true Kerry should not be President now or ever. So the question should be whether the book ia accurate and trustworthy. That is the only issue and that can only be resolved by reading this book and doing the necessary research.
Kenneth Ellman