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The ABX Guide: Diagnosis & Treatment of Infectious Diseases – Review by Kenneth Ellman

One of the Best Pocket Guides, Everyone should have it

This guide is small enough to fit in a lab coat and easily carry in a brief case, yet is 655 pages and has a interesting simplified pull out chart on Pathogens=antibiotic Rx.

While called the ABX Guide, this is much more than another drug guide which we do not need. It is actually a short Infectious Disease Handbook with Dx, Rx and selected readings.
The authors all appear to be highly qualified and knowledgeable.
Extremely well written, easy to use and with extensive disease and drug information.
What you get in this small package is separate chapters of:
1. Excellent short review of all Anti-Infectives;
2. Vaccines and Prophylaxis;
3. Disease Description/Diagnosis, Testing and Rx recommendations;
4. Pathogens
5. Index
6. Interesting small pull out chart.

This excellent first class Infectious Disease summary designed as a keep in your pocket book is comparable to the extraordinary Merck Manual in that lots of accessible, useable and valuable data is packed into such a small space.
Keep one in your examination room, on you desk, in your pocket and in at home. It is EASY to use and You won’t regret it.
Kenneth ellman