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University Communications v Net Access Corp and Kenneth Ellman Court Order Hon. Catherine Langlois, Bogus Transcript

We have had many strange and interesting experiences with Ronald Coleman the attorney for University Communications, Inc. I recite the below incident.

The New Jersey Superior Court Judge in the Chancery Court changed (previous Judge retired) and the new Judge was misled into believing an Order was issued sanctioning the Defendants/Counter claimants. No such Order ever existed nor was any transcript ever in existence of such a proceeding. Exactly how the New Jersey Court was misled was never fully revealed but without a doubt the actual Court file in the Chambers of the Judge was tampered with and some writing was inserted into the Court file that was never from any Judge or proceeding. On October 20, 2006, upon hearing in open court that the Judge believed a proceeding took place that never occurred, I informed the Court that this never happened. However Mr. Coleman who was in the Court with me did not provide such corrective information to the Court. I then made a motion to correct what had occurred and to establish that the Court was deceived by record tampering. The Court then granted my motion as shown here in the ORDER of December 15, 2006. The Court calls the proceeding which recited the bogus transcript and bogus findings a “nullity”.

I have seen many errors in Judicial Proceedings but this still concerned me. Very fortunately the Court was willing to inquire further and make a proper determination and correction.

If there are any postings where Mr. Coleman or anyone else refers to any sanction against me or Net Access Corporation by former NJ Superior Court Judge Kenneth MacKenzie be aware such never occurred as the attached Order from former Superior Court Judge Langlois makes clear. Courts depend upon the parties aiding the Court in making a clear and accurate record. Here the record was tampered with (by whom I do not know but would love to find out) and if not for my motion would remain tampered with. I will attach other transcripts on this issue, in addition to the aforementioned December 15, 2006 ORDER. Keep in mind that this instant commentary is my opinion, and the December 15, 2006 Order speaks for itself.

Kenneth Ellman,, Newton, NJ 07860


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