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Kenneth Ellman Examines Jason Silverglate, Trial 2009, Ronald Coleman attorney

RONALD COLEMAN Attorney for Silverglate
SEPTEMBER 29, 2009

This is a trial transcript extract of examination of Mr. Jason Silverglate represented by Ronald Coleman on September 29, 2009. Trial is in Superior Court of New Jersey, Morris County.  In this case Jason Silverglate alleged in part, contract violations and refused to pay his bills for University Communications, Inc., of which  he is President and whose debt he personally guaranteed. A Security Agreement was also in effect in addition to the contract.  Debt was owed to Kenneth Ellman as purchaser of the Debt, Contract and Security Agreement previously owned by Net Access Corporation.  It is interesting in that it took some extensive questioning to determine whether and why Jason Silverglate really believed he was charged more than the contract authorized.  The total amount of the debt at the time of trial exceeded $220,000 (Two Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars).  As examination continued it became clear that the amounts charged did not exceed the contract.  Jason Silverglate then calls the disputed amounts “silly little fees”.  It further became clear that Jason Silverglate was the person who terminated the contract. In this case Ronald Coleman,  the attorney for Jason Silverglate,  argued against his client Jason Silverglate  being declared a Hostile Witness, which of course he was and the Court agreed he was.
We had an excellent Jury and looked forward to conclusion of trial and verdict.
However  the Honorable Robert J. Brennan dismissed the case when we rested. His dismissal was inexplicable.  We appealed to the Appellate Division in Trenton, won a reversal from a fortunately very astute Appellate Panel and  on remand received our money.  Appellate Decision is available here as a document:

This commentary is my Opinion and the Trial Transcript speaks for itself.
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