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New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act & Forms – Review by Kenneth Ellman

New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act & Forms

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and Forms is published annually by the New Jersey Law Journal in an easy to use one volume well made paperback. The 2013 edition is 1254 pages and not a page is wasted.. The current author Paul Depetris apparently is a solo practitioner with extensive experience in Consumer related litigation and litigation generally. He certainly has created a work and treatise which definitively addresses the practice of Consumer Fraud Law in New Jersey and is entitled to respect. This book is an excellent practice manual for those concerned with litigation in the State of New Jersey in matters relating to Consumer Fraud. It comes with a CD Rom containing many practice forms and the NJ Consumer Fraud Act statute.

Basically the book is a War Manual for the Defense of Consumers and for attacks upon Business Activity that impairs the rights of Consumers. This work calls attention to the vast implications of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act which in some respects stands alone in the nation among statutes in the breadth of its protections and scope of subject matter litigation. The size of this work can be accounted for by the coverage of Civil Practice Procedure Law in addition to the Consumer Fraud Statute itself. While it naturally discusses the New Jersey Court Rules (New Jersey Procedure), it also walks you into the United States District Court and discusses Consumer Fraud litigation in a Federal forum. The beauty of the book is its intertwining of Civil Procedure with Consumer Law topics. So you will have ready access to: Choice of Law and Forum selection issues, Summary Judgment questions, Enforceability of Arbitration Agreements, Common Law Fraud, Motion Practice and etc., etc. , all of which apply to Consumer Fraud cases and just about anything else.

It is difficult to find a subject related to Consumer Fraud that is not discussed in the Depetris book.
A small (accent on small) example of covered areas are: CFA applicability to Real Estate Sales, Toy Safety, Home Appliances and Furnishings, Telephone Calling Cards and on and on and on.

A valuable feature is the CD Rom Indexing covering: Administrative Code Rules, Per Se CFA violations (a favorite of mine), CFA Subsections Index, Related Statutes, etc.

You would be foolish to practice Consumer Fraud Law in New Jersey without this book.
It is a valuable reference practice manual and education tool for full immersion.
Buy it. Kenneth Ellman, email:, Box 18, Newton, New Jersey 07860