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University Communications Inc. Jason Silverglate vs. Net Access Corp. Kenneth Ellman, Deposition Extract

From Kenneth Ellman,

This is an interesting extract of a deposition of Jason Silverglate, Owner of University Communications, Inc., wherein he admits that he tape recorded the conversations of his previous attorney. His new attorney who represented him at the deposition  was Ronald Coleman and you can see what he did or did not do for his client at that time.

This is from the case of University Communications, Inc. and Jason Silverglate vs. Net Access Corp. and Kenneth Ellman, Superior Court, Morris County, New Jersey. The conversations were produced during discovery, filed with the Court and discussed at the deposition of Jason Silverglate held on August 8, 2006. His then counsel admits on the deposition record that he had received the copies of the transcript of the tape recordings delivered at his office and his secretary signed a receipt for them.  This case involved   claims by University and Silverglate that they did not owe a debt and that they had claims against Defendant Net Access Corporation.  After years of litigation, Jury Trial, Appeal and other battles,  the Plaintiff University and Silverglate eventurally paid  Defendant Kenneth Ellman hundreds of thousands of dollars. But it was not easy.  It really took  Appellate Division intervention and a new trial Judge to obtain Justice.

It was very interesting that during the deposition  Jason Silverglate read from  his produced and transcribed tape recorded conversations .  During the entire proceeding at no time did his replacement Counsel Ronald Coleman make any motion to the Court for protection from the use of the tape recordings of conversations between Jason Silverglate and his attorney. He did not even object at the deposition.

The tape recording appears to me to be a discussion as to how to avoid paying a lawful debt.  In my opinion they discuss filing fictitious indebtedness from the father of Jason Silverglate.

In addition Jason Silverglate states: “Well, Colin, just so you know, I have no intention of going bankrupt, but I really want to fuck these guys. “

In addition to using the tape recorded conversations at the very extensive deposition, they were attached to various motion papers filed with the Court.

At no time during the pre trial proceedings did his then attorney Ronald Coleman try to obtain any Order of Protection.

Below are PDF of the deposition extracts with part of the transcript of the tape recorded conversations (two separate documents).

This commentary is my Opinion only. The documents and facts speak for themselves. You must form your own opinion after reading them.

The entire deposition and video deposition of Jason Silverglate is available by contacting:Kenneth Ellman, Box 18, Newton, New Jersey 07860.


Download the PDF file .