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Kenneth Ellman helps win 20 year old 4 million dollar lawsuit

From Kenneth Ellman,, Box 18,Newton, New Jersey 07860

This was one of those very interesting cases where the past comes alive and despair turns into justice. Unfortunately not all of the victims lived to see that day. This 20 year old Real Estate dispute had been unresolved in the Supreme Court, Queens County, New York for decades.

All of the Real Estate Partners were immigrant physicians, and all of them were of Asian background. There was a community of trust and common culture between them and it was this trust and the apparent dishonesty of the “Managing Partner”, that caused the initial dispute.

So far, up to that point it was a not so unusual case of a Managing Partner enriching himself to the destruction of Partnership and the wealth it held.

What sets this case apart is the age. Even in Queens County, New York City a case approaching 20 years before resolution was a bit unusual. As to why this case never went to trial all those years the record has suggestions but not clear cut answer. Certainly the previous counsel did not or was unable to force a trial or the case would never have come to me. We had to bring a Order To Show Cause in the Appellate Division demanding a trial before we could get this case to move. I have my belief as to how this matter was delayed and manipulated all those years.

The final result was over 4 million dollars for the Plaintiffs.

One of the Plaintiffs, Dr. Alfred Peng, “Alfred”, touched me and I now mention his Honorable name in his memory as he never lived to see his final victory and money, that he believed in so much all those years. There are other both humorous and tragic aspects of this case but that is also all too common. If you have trouble reading the article because of page layout just rotate the page with your PDF program or print out the one page. The article from the New Jersey Herald dated April 24, 2008 is attached as a document here. The above is my personal opinion only.

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