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Kenneth Ellman Profile



Kenneth Ellman can be contacted at:
Contact Phone 9738968284 and 9739486961.
All Postal Mail to: Box 18, Newton, New Jersey 07860

I am available for the following:

1. Various litigation matters and various investigation matters. Jury and Bench Trials conducted. Prefer Jury Trials when appropriate.
Witness Statements/Witness Questioning Under Oath before Stenographer, with and without Video. Investigations, Civil and Criminal.

Sample Depositions and Statements are available for review upon request.

2. Special Correspondent/Reporter under Public Service News.

3. Purchase of claims and assignments for collection, litigation and trial.

Jury and Bench Trials conducted. Any location, no geographical restrictions.

4.  Particularly interested in cases relating to:

(a) Crimes against children;

(b) Crimes against the handicapped;

(c) Civil contempt type imprisonment;

(d) Litigation and actions against Pornographers and Pornography Production;

(e) Particularly interested in investigations and cases of homosexual attacks

upon children and handicapped men, including homosexual group attacks

upon vulnerable persons in New Jersey generally and Sussex County, N.J. area;

(f) Any information relating to allegations/rumors of homosexual abuse,

allegations/rumors of group homosexual attacks, and alleged/rumored

sexual attacks by a person who may be known as George Flynn, who was a

public school teacher in Sussex County, New Jersey and the other participants

in the attacks.

Rewards may be paid and protection offered to anyone providing such information;

(g) Other interesting matters.

5. Available to review published medical and legal journals, briefs and publications for errors and omissions. I have found errors in National Institute of Health and other professional publications.

6. Interested in laws, programs and policies relating to New Jersey Forestry, Tree Farms, Farmland and Forestry Preservation. I operate a Forestry Stewardship project.

7.Past and Current work described here at:

7a. Matter of Sharon B. 72 NY2d 394, NY Court of Appeals.

AND at various external sites such as:

AND at Casetext Sharon B

The Sharon B. case describes the authority and history of New York State Special Corporations, SPCC, as “prosecuting agents of the state” and the authority of their Officers to act as Child Abuse Prosecutors and law enforcement officers for the protection of children from criminal acts and abuse. Prosecuted and Appealed by SPCC.

7b. Pro se Appeal in Matter of Diane P. ,110 AD2d 354 NY Appellate Division, 2nd Dept. The seminal case in New York State that confronted and weighed the Exclusionary Rule against the interests of abused children. The Exclusionary Rule was held inapplicable to Child Abuse Cases. Case reported on the front page of the New York Law Journal. Prosecuted and Appealed by Kenneth Ellman,SPCC.

Case posted here as legal document: DIANE P

AND at various external sites such as: leagle Diane P

Diane P. reviewed on Front Page New York Law Journal, October 31, 1985, Exclusionary Rule Exempted. The pleadings are available for this case upon request.

7c. Pro se Appeal University Communications, Inc. vs. Net Access Corp and Kenneth Ellman, New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Docket#A-1267-09T1, Reversed Dismissal During Trial. Decision and Commentary attached and posted here as under legal documents: Kenneth Ellman and Net Access Corporation vs. University Communications Ronald Coleman

and case can also be found at: Justia Kenneth Ellman

This case highlighted the improper dismissal at jury trial and the inconsistent rulings of a trial Judge.

7d. Article New Jersey Herald Newspaper, April 24, 2008, Kenneth Ellman helps win over 4 million dollars in 20 year old lawsuit. Article posted here as:
Ellman Wins Over 4 Million

8. Various Published Articles and writings including samples as follows:

8a. Article New Jersey Newspaper, The Record, September 5, 1994, Preventive Detention Wrong-headed. Article posted here as:
Ellman Against Preventive Detention.

8b. Article New Jersey Newspaper, Daily Record, August 4, 1994, Judge In Morristown Had No Right to Criticize A Jury. Article posted here as:
Ellman On Judge Against Jury

8c. Article Human Rights Service by Bruce Bawer on Kenneth Ellman on Geert Wilders, Oct. 8, 2010. Article posted here as document:
Bawer on Ellman on Wilders

and at external sites: Human Rights Bruce Bawer on Ellman On Wilders

9. Book Reviews by Kenneth Ellman are HERE Ellman On Books: and also at:

Ellman Amazon Book Reviews

10. Read Kenneth Ellman in The Economist at: Click Here

“The Economist” Comments are also posted here on this website as documents under Categories and then “Kenneth Ellman in The Economist” in addition to being on The Economist website as above. My post here have some additional commentary.

11. Books by Kenneth Ellman will be announced here as they become available.

12. Limited Example of Standard Law Enforcement Training Certifications:

a. State of New York, D.C.J.S. , Basic Course for Police Officers, FBI Firearms Instruction;

b. New York City Police Department, Criminal Investigators Course;

c. New York City Police Department, Security Management Course;

d. I.A.C.P., Bomb Scene Officer Training Course;

e. I.A.C.P, Protection of Public Facilities;

f. Pace University Commendation, Criminal Justice Symposium, Child Abuse;

g. Former Underwriters Laboratories Listing, Burglar Alarm Systems, Safe and Vault;

h. Smith and Wesson Academy, Basic Firearms and Non-Lethal Weaponry

i. Continuously In Trouble Award (Three Times)

Other documentation available upon request.

Kenneth Ellman welcomes inquiries. Pro Bono or discounted services available for cases of interest to me, particularly in area of Child Abuse and Neglect, Sexual Attacks upon  Children and Homosexual Attacks upon Vulnerable Handicapped Adults.

Contact Phone 9738968284 and 9739486961.

Email: All Postal Mail to: Box 18, Newton, New Jersey 07860

Areas of Practice:

Case Management
Court Reporting & Deposition Services
Exhibits/Video Services
Expert Witness
Hardware & Electronics
Research & Writing Services
Training & Education
Trial Consulting
Jury and Bench Trials Conducted

Pro Se Legal Assistance

Child Abuse Investigations

Updated: December 23, 2012