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While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within – Review by Kenneth Ellman

A True Story of the Destruction of European Culture and Law from Within

It may surprise many people but I first read a book by Bruce Bawer in 2010.What is more interesting is that when I speak to many intelligent ladies and fellows they also have not read Mr. Bawer. Certainly he is not as well known as some fictional writers who are so popular but in my opinion contribute nothing to the well being of the human animal. So much “literature” is written and sells well that really is nothing more that a distraction from living and to me has no value. Best Sellers indeed! Not to me. Now and then you will come across an author like Bruce Bawer who has an interesting life, a razor sharp perception and valuable information that you ignore at your peril. He also seems to have something that is unfortunately in short supply in this world, Courage. Particularly Courage of your convictions.

SO, I read While Europe Slept and like many of my favorite books which I have reviewed I read it twenty times or so over the couple of years it came to my attention. I still enjoy it. It is the story of cultural, legal and internal violence against Europe by Islamic thought and Islamic believers.
It is the story of the failure of Europe to understand, accept and meet this threat to its own people and way of life. This book is fast paced, rapidly taking you from one incident to another always with commentary offering the authors perspective. Contrary to the opinion of other reviewers I believe the incidents are sufficiently documented and described to confirm authenticity. Most dramatically the book brings into focus the Islamic attack upon a fundamental human right so long and painfully fought for and which any loss or diminishment of has consequences beyond predictability. That right is Freedom of Speech and of the Press. The violence and destruction brought into view by Mr. Bawer when viewed through his lens of the threat to Freedom of Speech and the Press brings the danger to our way of life as a fire to our face. This is not a political or religious question. It is a question of our self definition of what it means to be human and communicate and speak.

In order for me to accept a book as valuable it must have certain features such as being well written in the sense of communicating ideas clearly. While some of my scientific and medical books may require me to read a passage or sentence many times to fully understand it, because I am a slow learner, a book such as While Europe Slept should flow easily in the mind and be understandable on first read. Mr. Bawer has certainly done that and done it well.

While Europe Slept is a current event of how the civilization that we know of as Europe is allowing itself to be destroyed by fellow human beings who hate and despise it. Yes a little strange, but when a nation such as France or England or Germany etc., allows many new immigrants, legal and illegal to take up residence and yet reject, despise and hate their new country we should ask why? Adolf Hitler almost destroyed European Civilization and he was native born. But in the act of destruction by Hitler, Europe had to confront itself and its contradictions. At the end of World War 2, those issues and choices were settled and Europe survived. The United States had rescued Europe from itself. As the years went on Europe arose from the ashes of war to become a beacon of light again.

NOW, Europe is faced with the strange anomaly of destruction from within. It is strange not because of the damage caused by a foreign Islamic people who hate Europe, as that is just a part of life. What is strange is the apparent acquiescence of the European nations and people to their own internal end, an end of their language, law and cultural heritage. How could this be??
Bruce Bawer tells this timely story by a combination of his personal experience, his survey of news reports, and his analysis of what he perceives with his own eyes and hears. It rings true. He is a first class reporter and analyst of current events in Europe today.

As the author shows Europe is under attack and it is a overt violent confrontation with the ability of Europeans to function and live from day to day. There is no subtlety here. There is an obvious announcement and course of conduct to undermine and destroy the legal protections that define European Civilization and Western Civilization itself. The descriptions of Islamic cultural onslaught in Europe with full acquiescence of the governments and people of Europe cannot be disputed. Bruce Bawer gives insights into the European mind that are readily available to anyone who took the time and effort to look. But many of us did not and his book brings this confrontation with Islamic intolerance and hatred into clear focus with an overlay of the European mind and its self destructive behavior. Buy this book and learn.
Kenneth Ellman,, Box 18, Newton, New Jersey 07860