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Have Your Own Law Firm/General Counsel

Kenneth Ellman Can Help You Create Your Own

Office of General Counsel/Law Firm

For Your Business or Family.

Get the Advantages of Having Your Own Law Firm.!


Possible Benefits of Running Your Own In House Law Firm

Having your own Office of General Counsel may be of great advantage as follows:

1.  Cost of legal fees may be reduced by 75 % or more. Litigation is nothing more than another employee and department expense.

2.  You have complete control of the legal work in that the legal staff are your employees.

3.  You consult with your legal staff when you wish  7 days a week 24 hours a day.

4.  You hire and fire legal staff as any other employees in that you have complete control of who works for you.  No more conflicts with your attorney and legal staff since you are the employer and they take their directions from you.

5. No competing with other “clients” as your legal staff  works only for you as an employee.

Disadvantages of Running Your Own In House  Law Firm

6.  None that I know of but it is not for every company or group.  You must evaluate your legal needs and demands and weigh the costs and benefits.

Competitive Advantages When In Litigation

7.  While your legal opponent may be paying his attorney $250 to $500 per hour you are paying a normal salary for the costs of your in house counsel/law firm.   The scales of economy are significant and turn the expenses of litigation into an advantage for you. You can conduct litigation without the concern of extraordinary legal fees from a law firm who is building their own business, not your business.  You staff can specialize in your specific needs and do a better job.

Who Can Have An Office of General Counsel?

8.  Just about any business or group who has a regular need for legal consultation, advice and representation.  You can save many thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars for yourself and your associates.  While saving money you can get better legal representation and full time attention.  You can also have your own law firm/Office of General Counsel for one particular project if such project litigation justifies this type of approach.

For a Consultation with Kenneth Ellman about creating your own Office of General Counsel contact:

Kenneth Ellman, Box 18, Newton, New Jersey 07860

Phone: 9738968284 and 9739486961, Fax: 9739482986