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The Economist: “ Return to old-style terror” – Kenneth Ellman responds

When I read of the daylight terror attack upon a British Soldier of the Royal Artillery in south-east London I was somewhat stunned. Sometimes we forget and the reminder wakes us up. So I placed my view as written below. Click on link below to go to the article in “The Economist”.

Kenneth Ellman Comments on The Economist “Return to old – style terror”, May 22, 2013 murder of British soldier in London. Copyright Kenneth Ellman, 2013, All Rights Reserved., Box 18, Newton, New Jersey 07860
I have been following the reporting of the Muslim attack upon an honored British Soldier of the Royal Artillery in south-east London on May 22, 2013. How strange, not that such would be attempted by those of Muslim belief but by the reaction of so many of us as if this is anything other than expected due to our chosen vulnerability.

The true Horror of the attack can daze, but we will recover and carry on. The British as the Americans live in a somewhat free society where freedom of movement and personal safety are taken for granted as is the fact that most of our citizens respect and love the liberty and safety our law gives us. It is hard for many to accept that here in our own home, the home we and our ancestors built through untold years and untold costs slaving for freedom, democracy and the rule of law, we have allowed and even welcomed those whose primary duty and belief is to kill us.

We must accept our mistake in looking upon our murderers as brothers and bring the reality of the enemy into our consciousness if we are to have any ability to stop this onslaught of evil. As with most faiths, madness, beliefs and political systems that advocate attacks and killing upon those different from themselves and upon their neighbors, the Muslim story is one of open proclamation and full disclosure. The Koran and its associated texts and commentaries are widely available for anyone to read and study. The history of Islam is well known to Western Civilization as the wars waged against us by those of the Muslim community are just like yesterday in the long history of humanity. The Muslim legal books, texts, treatises and works of Islamic Civilization can be purchased in any Muslim bookstore and many other places.

Keep in mind that Hitler, the Nazi Party, and the story of Adolph, known as Mein Kampf, etc., were very available long before Germany was dominated and taken over by the Nazi belief and attempted to destroy itself and the entire world. What they were and what they believed were announced to everyone, to read, see and hear. Equally with Islam, Muslim hatred toward what we hold to be sacred, our belief in the freedom and dignity of the individual human being, is announced every day and is well established in the literature of the Islamic faith.

Why do we fail to believe the pronouncements of those who would kill and destroy us? Why do we always have to wait until attacked to understand that they mean what they say? But because we, British and Americans, have build a civilization where the rights of the individual are paramount, it is so foreign to us to accept seriously the enslavement described by ideas such as Islam or other things that would kill humanity.

We are a tolerant people and that is what makes us great and also vulnerable. So now they kill our Soldiers and cut of his head, in broad daylight in our very home and this of course is just one of many, many such attacks. When will we wake up? Study the Koran and its commentaries, for its unusual combination of morality, beauty and barbarity and evil. Then read the many excellent contemporary books such as those by Bruce Bawer in “While Europe Slept”, “Surrender: Appeasing Islam” and those by the scholar Andrew G. Bostom such as: ”The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism” and “The Legacy of Jihad” and such other valuable works. After you gain such knowledge you will know what we have to do. You will know that our heritage of Western Civilization is worth defending as it has always been. Do not forget who you are and what makes you different. We have nothing to fear but our own weakness, which we can correct. Kenneth Ellman,, Box 18, Newton, New Jersey 07860