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Kenneth Ellman Reviews Encyclopedia of New Jersey Causes of Action

Kenneth Ellman Reviews Encyclopedia of New Jersey Causes of Action by John Bannan. Email:, Newton, New Jersey 07860. October 7, 2013. The 2014 Edition. The publisher New Jersey Law Journal has a long list of valuable law books that can aid in practical litigation, are well written and easy to understand and use. Here now is the new edition of the classic by John J. Bannan on New Jersey Causes of Action.

The beauty of this work is a combination of its accessibility, short monographs with detailed authority and vast listing of Causes of Action encompassing large areas of law. This one volume paperback of 1123 pages is comfortable to handle and use on a regular basis. It should be on your desk and not just the library shelf. If you are like me and love reading take it to bed with you and let your mind roam the halls of legal research and imagination. Apparently the author has read all State Court decision published from 1947 and all Chapters of New Jersey Statutes.

The Table of Contents, Index, Table of Statutes and Table of Cases combined with the easy to use page headings make this book a pleasure to use. I have used this book for many years and highly value it.

That are way too many Causes of Action to discuss but I wish to point out some of those that you may not have known existed or are quite useful and common to consider. “Doctors Failure to Aid Patients Lawsuit” a very interesting and useful claim; “Personality Provided Creating Hazard” (fortunately Banner cites the Sikora case which brings some sanity to this claim) ; Employer Improperly Handling Employee Wages (self-explanatory); Employer Penalizing Employee On Jury Duty (self-explanatory); Tenant Unlawfully Evicted (self-explanatory); Irrational Act By Employee Damaging Employer (self-explanatory); Fraudulent Resume Injuring Employer (all too common); and on and on and on.

For those not educated in the law this book can provide a great introduction to the concept of Torts and obtaining Justice for an injury you believe was done to you. Whether you are proceeding pro se on your own case or an attorney seeking a very powerful handbook or a client wanting to understand his case to better direct his attorney, this is the book for you. Other editions are apparently available for some other jurisdictions outside of New Jersey by the same Publisher. This would be an excellent book in a beginning New Jersey law class to understand Torts and seeking redress for a wrong. Let me know what you think! Kenneth Ellman,,Box 18,Newton, New Jersey 07860